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You Should Be Confident In Your Cooking

Learn new recipes that you will want to make and be proud of. 

Learn the magic of food!

Food has the power to bring people together. We will come to your house and create unique experiences for you and your loved ones!

We are not coming to judge your skills or your home. We are here to help you to make sweet memories and gain confidence in your own kitchen.

Two happy women talking
Picky child rejecting food

• Are you tired of making the same meals over and over again?
• Do 
your kids reject your cooking?
• Do you struggle to find new things to make?

We know exactly how you feel! We all find ourselves in recipe ruts. Our cooking classes are tailored to you. You will learn new and delicious recipes to expand your culinary comfort zone

Let's Get Cooking

Becoming confident in your kitchen is as easy as 1,2,3!


1. Schedule A Class

We offer a variety of ready-to-book classes. We are also happy to offer customized classes just for you.

2. We Come To You

Learn to make delicious food and great memories. We will have the ingredients and together with you, we will make whatever you choose!

3. Be Confident In Your Cooking

Show off your new skills and recipes! Take what you learned and make it your own. 

Meet Chef  Sharon

When Sharon was 20 years old she went to France and fell in love with food. After graduating from The New York Restaurant School, she realized that everyone should know how to make food that tastes good. With this belief driving her, she has worked with students and families her whole life to encourage a love of cooking.
Sharon Oliver Warner smiling in Chef Jacket
Baking Dough
"Sharon is the best! She came to our home with all the ingredients and recipes in hand. She helped our crew make some delicious food showing us how, and to top it all off we got to sit down together afterward and eat. Now having more skills to do it ourselves, and memories to go along with the know how.  We have booked to do this again.
-Lori J.
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